How to Use Social Media to Level Up Your Career in Tech

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Let’s be honest: social media is in a very bad spot right now. There are privacy concerns abound, ethics issues, a lack of reputable leadership, a permeation of misinformation, and more. Those are significant, and they all require a great deal of attention and action. But the prevailing benefit these platforms still bring to the table is that they connect … Read More

16 Questions Project Managers Should Ask Before Starting a Project

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It can be daunting—that moment when you find out you’re in line for a new project. No matter how big or small it is, there are a lot of things to take care of before your team gets going. In this article, I’ll explore what needs to go into those first few days before (and right after) the project kicks off.

Podcast: Give Your Colleagues Better Feedback

I was on a podcast for The Digital Project Manager site discussing how to give your colleagues better feedback, project managing a native app build, and more. Listen to the full recording here.