How Project Managers Can Wear a Business Development Hat

female boss holding mug

If you’ve been immersed in agency life your whole career like I have, you know there is a lot of pressure on business development and account management teams to keep money coming in to weather the natural ebbs and flows of client-based business models. For any company, particularly a growing one, a significant portion of your work can come from expanding existing engagements with current clients and by word of mouth. The first step for this tried-and-true system is to knock your current projects out of the park to build trust and bolster your reputation.

As a Project Manager, your main job consists of doing exactly that. It’s time consuming and requires you to be nimble, personable, diligent, and organized (among other things). But it’s also important to be comfortable with the fact that you’re a de facto mouthpiece for your company. You’re the one overseeing the work, keeping up a steady stream of communication, and ultimately, working to build a relationship with your clients. That’s a natural entry point to facilitating, pitching, and closing future business. And you can provide a unique perspective on it since you’ve been living and breathing the work.

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