On a Project Without a Project Manager? Here’s What to Do.

man holding pen

You and your organization may be familiar with this scenario: everyone is getting busier, there’s more work coming in and not enough people to staff it, yet everyone is committed to avoid burnout and not cutting corners when it comes to scoping and the execution of that work. What do you do?

Sometimes, that means turning work away if you can’t give it the attention it deserves. Other times, you need to reduce scope, which means changing team makeup and timeline to accommodate.

It’s not often that Project Managers are the ones who get pulled off a project in this scenario. It’s important to have someone dedicate time and thought to the management role—for lots of reasons.

When this does happen, though, perhaps in the case of certain staff augmentation projects or inflexible constraints dictated by RFPs, there are things other members of the team can (and should) do to keep a project running smoothly.

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