How to Keep Sprint Planning Efficient

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There are certainly many different ways to run these; the structure depends on the methodology, team size, what point you’re at in the project, and plenty else.

Video: Building for COVID-19 Webinar

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After 10 months of building and iterating on two COVID-19 testing and vaccine products, some of our team got together to share how we did it and lessons learned. You can see the full webinar below: More details on

Get the Most Out of Your Internal Retrospectives

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Internal retrospectives are one of the most valuable tools to a successful software development project. They provide an opportunity to reflect on processes, communication, tools, and plenty of other things.

Podcast: Give Your Colleagues Better Feedback

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I was on a podcast for The Digital Project Manager site discussing how to give your colleagues better feedback, project managing a native app build, and more. Listen to the full recording here.